Taste the Rainbow of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is here and so is the bountiful crop of fresh and local fruits and veggies! Whether you are growing or purchasing local produce, it is a rewarding experience to support local farmers, provide fresher produce to your family, and save at the same time.  Local produce begins to appear in MARTIN’S stores in late […]

MARTIN’S Challenge and Gift Card Giveaway!

The last MARTIN’S Buy Theirs, Get Ours Free Challenge and Giveaway went so well, the’ve decided to do it again! We got a whole new bunch of goodies to put to the test!  We’ll tell you what we think about the National vs. MARTIN’S Own Brand and then during the weeks of June 29th and […]

High Energy Snacks for Busy Moms

Our busy schedules as Richmond Moms can easily interfere with our efforts to stay on a healthy meal schedule. Did you know that skipping meals or reaching for that sugary snack will actually lead to a low energy crash? Going too long without eating and high sugar snacks can make you feel tired, cranky and […]

Simply Enjoy a Little Help for the Holidays

One thing I love about this season is how often I get to see my family and friends.  Actually, after not having been able to get together with my friends in a long time, I now have at least 5 gatherings in the next 6 weeks, half of which I’ll either be hosting or helping […]

Trans Fat Ban: What it Means for You

November 7th, the FDA made an announcement that it plans to ban trans fat, stating in a press release “…partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods, are not ‘ generally recognized as safe’ for use in food’”. So… what exactly does that mean?  We asked Valerie Waters, […]

Can You Feed a Hungry Child?

We often want to do something to help others, but we just can’t find the time. Now you can! More than 8,000 Boy Scouts are distributing empty bags to your doorsteps on October 26th to collect food for needy families for distribution through FeedMore. Although 260,000 households will receive a bag on October 26th, only […]

Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas

HEALTHY BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS FROM GIANT/MARTIN’S Think outside of the lunchbox – thanks to creative ideas contributed to Richmondmom.com by Martin’s! Carlisle, PA – With summer vacation winding down, the team of nutritionists at GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets are offering several ways for families to think outside of the lunchbox […]