Lorrie Gore: October 2012 Rockstar

Lorrie Gore of Gundlach Heating and Air.

We’re a little late recognizing our fall rockstars but hey, better late than never . . . A few times in my life have I met a gal whom I know professionally and personally who just seems to rock all of her worlds. Meeting Lorrie Gore has been such a case. Not only has Lorrie […]

Real Richmond Review: Gundlach to the Rescue


It was a nice hot Sunday afternoon and we had friends coming over for dinner. The steak was marinating and the eggplant was soaking in brine. We were busy chopping vegetables, setting the table and working up a sweat! Wait? What? How hot is it in here? We checked the thermostat. 76 degrees! Then we […]

Wine Down to Benefit Pink Tie Gala 9/5/12

Pink Tie Gala

The Richmondmom.com Monthly Wine Down event is scheduled at The Wine Loft on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 to benefit Pink Tie Gala who supports the Susan G. Komen Foundation fighting breast cancer. This is a special month as we unveil all the hot Richmond bachelors we’ll be auctioning off for the Pink Tie Gala Bachelor Auction September 21, 2012 before […]

Unbelievable Savings Right Here on Richmondmom.com


Would you like to save $25 by opening a savings account for your child’s future education? How about getting free admission for one to the Science Museum of Virginia, or 1/2 price tickets to the theatre? Maybe you’d like to get 10% off new fashions for your home, or save $10 on a facial. We’ve […]

Wine Down to Benefit Children’s Heart Foundation

The Children's Heart Foundation VA

The Richmondmom.com Monthly Wine Down event is scheduled at The Wine Loft on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 6:30pm to benefit The Children’s Heart Foundation. You don’t want to miss this fun night out with friends, old and new.  Thanks to Downtownshortpump.com’s Trevor Dickerson for partnering with us each month, and for Gundlach Heating and Plumbing for sponsoring. […]

More Epic Tales of Richmond Entrepreneurs

RVAEpicTales hit the road!

We loved to share our stories along the road during our Chevy Road Trip Challenge to SXSW 2012, and also to blend in stories of Richmonders we love. The “Gundlach girls” are some of our Richmond Favorites because they have stood strong in a traditionally male-dominated business, as Linda shares here. They are also big […]

What’s the Big Deal About Tankless Water Heaters?


Our recent article from Gundlach Plumbing & Heating led some of our Richmond moms to ask more questions about maintaining their homes. We’ve posted their questions along with answers from the experts below. If you have questions, please be sure and email them or post them on Facebook so we can get the plumbing/heating/air conditioning […]

Lorrie Gore Makes Customer Services ‘Job 1′

Lorrie Gore of Gundlach Heating and Air.

Lots of grandmothers enjoy sitting back, taking life easy, and relaxing most days. But then, there’s Lorrie Gore. It’s always so exciting to see women creating and managing successful businesses and Lorrie Gore of Gundlach is definitely a success story. She and her two sisters, Betty Gregory and Linda Stevens, are carrying on their father’s […]

Gundlach has Christmas Wrapped Up

Gundlach has Christmas wrapped up!

Thinking about shopping on Black Friday makes me irritable! Too many people, too many sales, too many choices, too much traffic, and too much stress. But would you shop at a plumbing and heating company instead??? As I was thinking about my gift-giving list, I ran across the following information from Gundlach Plumbing and Heating. […]

Save on a last-minute summer staycation & more with our Savvy Saver card

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg

If you don’t have a Richmondmom.com Savvy Saver card, we’re happy to send you one! Just click here to see our offers and request your free card. You could be saving 20% at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg on a last-minute summer “staycation” and saving on fall enrollments at Romp n’ Roll, organic school lunches at Green Monkey, a […]