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Haloween Scary Haunted Houses

Halloween Guide 2019: Haunted Houses and Spooky Spectaculars in Richmond

For some, Halloween is all about dressing the kids up as cute cartoon characters or heading to a friendly block party in ironic pop...
Scary Halloween Haunted House

Halloween Guide 2018: Spooks, Scares, and Haunted Houses in Richmond

Haunted houses aren't for everyone...and by everyone, I mean me. I get scared if the wind blows in the wrong direction around Halloween. But...

Halloween Haunt

Terror lurks around every corner at the annual Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion. From the thrilling rides to the frightful attractions, you’re in for...

Haunted Richmond: Scary Halloween Events

Do you get your thrills from a good scream?We've divided up our regular Halloween event list into two this year and this list is...