Things I Learned to Apologize For in the Carpool Line

Car Pool Door Handle

On the one hand, carpool should really appeal to me. It gives me almost no social interaction except with those I’ve allowed into my car and has many well-inforced rules so I’m not the only one getting mad at people who drive cars. However, I mostly spend those 15 minutes apologizing, and you might, too: […]

I Think I Won That Argument

Ash and Pikachu from the Pokemon wiki (

I don’t try to solve all my kids problems, but I am occasionally brought in to referee. I often give a word of encouragement to speak up or a suggestion to practice taking things a little less personally, high-five myself, and move on to the sounds of laughter and fun and parental satisfaction. However, this […]

Damn It’s Hot: Activities From My Home To Yours

Richmond Virginia Weather

Since I was so helpful with rainy day activities, I decided to write up my DAMN, IT’S HOT activities especially as the school year comes to an end. Get a sprinkler: Not only can you multitask by keeping both your plants and children from withering away, you get an extra five minutes to yourself by yelling […]

Real Rainy Day Activities From My Home To Yours

Feel free to buy yourself one. You deserve it!

It’s day three of rain in Richmond so I’ve been busy pulling out all the stops for fun and easy rainy day activities with my favorite being the throwing on of raincoats and rain boots and locking my kids outside. WHAT? No. They asked to go outside yesterday because that’s how awesome my rainy day […]

20 Signs Your Children Are Gifted

Gifted Chaff

We all know our children are geniuses, but it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Who are real geniuses and who knows what chaff is? Here are twenty tried and true ways to know your children are truly gifted: They do anything you did as kid — only better. They don’t get […]

How Big Is Your Village?

Parent finger wag

I believe it ta One Direction He Wants You Back Preference kes a village to raise a child, but I’m not always sure where my village ends. I was out with my children, and the day was supposed to be about them having fun. However, there were 2-3 teenagers who were probably drunk or high. […]

My Kids Can Put Away Their Own Laundry


Blogger at Late Enough My children put away their laundry. No seriously, I have a system. Each kid has a clean laundry basket that they fill with their clean clothing from the dryer. We drag them over to their bureaus, which I chose for their kid-height, and each item — underwear, socks shirts, shorts — […]

We Have Family Dinners. They Just Usually End With Us Eating Alone.


<p style="text- Ex Wants You Back Dream align: right”>Blogger at Late Enough We have dinner together as a family at the table most nights of the week. We make exceptions for movies nights or if the kids forgot to watch their favorite television shows until later or if Scott and I are dying of exhaustion, […]

The Biggest St. Patrick's Day Parenting Mistake


Blogger at Late Enough Last year, I made the biggest St. Patrick's Day parenting mistake there is to make with a child. No, I didn't forget to tell my son he's (1/16th) Irish. No, I didn't forget to give him something green to wear. No, I didn't dress him like a leprechaun and call it […]

I Was Only A Bad Parent For A Few Minutes

Late Enough Alex Iwashyna

Blogger at Late Enough My toddler daughter is a listener. Sometimes I have to say something twice, but after my second explanation, she’s on board. She’s always been that way. Her teachers call her disciplined and socially aware. On the other hand, my son didn’t find that phase until yesterday. Well, maybe more like between […]