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Friday, December 4, 2020

Tag: It’s A Southern Thing

Homeschooling in Quarantine

Homeschooling During Quarantine

Quarantine has brought many changes to our lives. We are more thoughtful in how we interact publicly. We have become better about making grocery...
Southern Women Get Mad

What Really Happens When Women Get Mad…

After thousands of years of modern societal evolution, you would think men would know when their partners are mad. Yet, somehow women often find...
Virginia Town Names

Trying to Pronounce Virginia Town Names

If you're from Virginia, then you already know that non-Virginians struggle a bit when it comes to some of the city, town, and county...
If Alexa Was Southern

What It Would Be Like If Alexa Was Southern

If you're from the south, you probably don't have an accent...at least you don't think you do. But all it takes is a trip...