In the Wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre: Schools, We Can Do Better Than That

jeb hoge

by Richmond Dad Jeb Hoge In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, I imagine lots of parents like me descended into a giant pit of “What if?” questions. It’s terrible to consider, but it’s human nature…we always wonder what we would do (or what we would want others to do) in a similar circumstance. […]

The Team

Catherine Jones

We’d like to highlight the many creative minds that comprise Our blog has grown considerably in the last four years since its inception, from a few thousand annual visitors to 100,000+, and we couldn’t continue to grow without this amazing team.     Kate Hall – Guru of the Gods!       Rhonda […]

Life in Shifts: A Richmond Dad’s View

jeb hoge

by Jeb Hoge, who has written little gems like Biscuits for Boys and In Defense of the Road Trip for Editor’s Note: Jeb recently welcomed their third baby, so I’m not sure how he had time to write this, but we’re thankful that he did. When we got married in our 20s, we wanted a […]