Why My Kids Need Summer Camp

All school year long, I both long for and dread the coming of summer. I’ll happily ditch the permission slips, homework to review and lunch-making times three for letting my kids sleep in as my babysitter walks through the door as I grab my coffee mug on the way out. What I dread are the […]

Richmond Rocks! Goddard School Henrico

Former CEO of Richmondmom.com, blogger and children’s author Kate Hall continues to entertain school kids of all different ages, from pre-school through elementary school, with author visits for Richmond Rocks! and The Spooky Sequel! She had an amazing time reading to the enthusiastic tikes at Goddard School Henrico. They had enjoyed having her so much […]

Gasp: Everybody’s Not a Winner

As my husband and I waited patiently for our eldest son’s name to be called at his middle school awards assembly (and I’ll use the word “awards” lightly-stay tuned) we both stopped reading the program mid-way and looked at each other, puzzled expressions on our faces. There it was, listed amongst the “Attendance,” “Honor Roll” […]

Author Kate Hall and the Kids at Collegiate School are Hooked on Books!

Author Kate Hall — Richmond Rocks! and The Spooky Sequel — had several amazing sessions with the kids in Collegiate School’s Hooked on Books summer program this month! These kids are enthusiastic about both reading and writing. In fact, a couple of the first graders informed her that they had already published a book or […]

Will Kate Hall Stumble and Fall?

As moms, we all know how difficult it must be to experience the premature birth of a baby. The anxiety is overwhelming as tiny babies struggle to breathe and thrive. Premature babies are most often born due to idiopathic labor – or ‘labor with no known cause’. Stefanie and Karl Smith, who founded The Jack […]

Thank You, Richmondmom.com!

Dear Richmondmom.com family, A little over three years ago, we were new here in Richmond.  I stumbled across Richmondmom.com and became hooked on the Facebook page and the newsletter, especially the Real Richmond Parents articles.  Soon I got the guts to submit an article myself and heard back very quickly from Kate Hall, who accepted […]

Initiation of a Swim Team Mom

My 8-year-old has been on swim team for 3 years, and my 6-year-old for 1 year. Three years in, I am a seasoned Swim Team Mom. I attend behind-the-scenes meetings in the wintertime to help ensure meet planning goes smoothly for our team during the summer months. I must admit, it was a little surreal […]

Safe Harbor Receives $22,300 Grant from UPS Foundation

Richmondmom.com has always been a strong supporter of Safe Harbor. We are excited to learn of this most recent grant from the UPS Foundation to help provide essential services for those who need it! Safe Harbor received a $22,300 grant from The UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of UPS. The grant will be used towards […]

Kate Hall at Virginia Women’s Conference: October 26th

The 4th Annual Women’s Conference is Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the Richmond Marriott Downtown and it’s a day filled with great speakers and lots of valuable information. If you’re an entrepreneur, mompreneur, or just interested in what’s going on in the world of business, health, and social media, you’re going to love this conference! […]

Kitty,You Had Me at Hello

Like most six-year olds, my sweet daughter loves to shop. Every time we walk into that (hypnotic and cult-like wonderland) Target store we oogle and stare at the rows upon rows of super-cool merchandise that we REALLY REALLY WANT AND CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT would love to have. What draws us in most, however, is the lure of […]