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Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

                                                Kim Woodson is a Farmers Insurance Agency Owner and an advertiser on Contact her if you have any questions about insurance.

Real Cute Kids Contest 2012 Voting Begins 8/20/12

Stony Point Surgery Center

It’s time for the biggest contest of the year – our Real Cute Kids contest. Thanks to our great sponsors for 2012 – Real Life Studios , Stony Point Surgery Center, and Primrose Schools. We’re proud to partner with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Richmond (DSAGR) and are making a donation for each [...]

Silent But Deadly: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Reprinted with permission from Farmers Friendly Voice newsletter – Kimberly Woodson, Farmers Insurance Agency Owner Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas — and because it’s impossible to see, taste or smell, it can make you ill or even kill you before you are aware it’s in your home. All people and animals [...]

Feeling Drowsy? Stop Driving!

Kim Woodson Richmond VA Insurance Agent

By Kim Woodson, Guest Writer Many of us don’t get enough sleep and as a result we may become moody, irritable and easily stressed. But if you’re behind the wheel, lack of sleep can also impair your driving which may lead to potentially dangerous consequences. In addition to accidents, sleepiness can lead to higher stress [...]