The Moms Who Love School Supplies

There seems to be two camps of reactions to back-to-school from moms online: Boo! Hoo! Hoo! my baby is x-years-old and THEY GROW UP SO FAST. Followed by a baby photo or seventy. OR Yes! Yes! Yes! my kids are leaving me to be in school, and we finally have hours of freedom from each […]

Skittlegate: Should Food Be In The Classroom Without Parents Knowing?

If you haven't heard of Skittlegate, you might still know Tiffany Glass Ferreira. She was our June 2012 Richmondmom Rock Star, an artist, mom and an advocate for her son and other children with severe food allergies. I saw her multiple posts on Facebook about Skittlegate, and the name alone intrigued me since “that tastes […]

When Does a Yankee Become a Southerner?

As my bio state how to get your ex back s, I’m a Yankee. A sensitive Yankee, who has met rude Southerners, but a Yankee nonetheless. I grew up in a small town of 5000 in Connecticut and spent my school field trips wandering around New York City. I have seasonal affective disorder in Virginia […]

My Facebook Feed Has Been Taken Over By Back-To-School Photos

Blogger at Late Enough Back-to-school time! My Facebook feed is so full of adorable back-to-school photos it has drown out adorable politics for multiple days. I knew I would take a few, but the fact that I’ve seen so many of them, the secret hipster in me whispered: Don’t post one. Even if the kids […]

My Kids Can Put Away Their Own Laundry

Blogger at Late Enough My children put away their laundry. No seriously, I have a system. Each kid has a clean laundry basket that they fill with their clean clothing from the dryer. We drag them over to their bureaus, which I chose for their kid-height, and each item — underwear, socks shirts, shorts — […]

We Have Family Dinners. They Just Usually End With Us Eating Alone.

<p style="text- Ex Wants You Back Dream align: right”>Blogger at Late Enough We have dinner together as a family at the table most nights of the week. We make exceptions for movies nights or if the kids forgot to watch their favorite television shows until later or if Scott and I are dying of exhaustion, […]

A Letter From A Christian Mom Of A Gay Daughter To Her Conservative Christian Pastor (Repost From

Blogger at Late Enough A part of this piece was orginially posted on my personal blog. A long time reader believed that I would care about a series of email conversations with her friend, the friend's pastor and the friend's young teenage daughter who, six months ago, told her mom that she was gay. […]

My First Mother’s Day: It Was Only Up From Here

Blogger at Late Enough My first mother’s day was a lot of pressure on Scott. Pressure that went right to his brain and addled it. The morning of Mother’s Day in May 2007, I woke up to nothing. Actually, I woke up to Scott rushing out of the house with baby E to get me […]

Are You A Good Mom? Checklist

Blogger at Late Enough software oem Who hasn't struggled with the thoughts and worries of motherhood culminating in the ever-present phrase: Am I a good mom? How do we know we are doing it right? Whatever “it” is or isn't or will be after newest research comes out. In being the helpful person that I am, I […]

I Was Only A Bad Parent For A Few Minutes

Blogger at Late Enough My toddler daughter is a listener. Sometimes I have to say something twice, but after my second explanation, she’s on board. She’s always been that way. Her teachers call her disciplined and socially aware. On the other hand, my son didn’t find that phase until yesterday. Well, maybe more like between […]