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Tag: Linwood Holton Elementary School

February 2015 RichmondMom with a Mission: Ellen Shepard

As moms, we've all felt the struggle...how do we get our kids excited to eat---and maybe even enjoy---healthy, naturally-grown foods?  The First Lady has...

Do the (Linwood Holton) Hustle!

The Linwood Holton Elementary 14th Annual Holton Hustle Saturday, March 1, 2014 Mark it on your calendar!   The Holton Hustle 5k Fest, formerly known as Holton 5k...

13th Annual Holton Hustle 5k Fest is March 2

The Linwood Holton Elementary PTA’s 13th Annual Holton Hustle 5k Fest, formerly known as Holton 5k Run/Walk Festival is coming soon!This event will be held on Saturday, March 2,...