FREE Gluten Free Food Sampling & Fresh Produce Classes


We’ve told you all about how you can get a virtually free, personalized consultation with a MARTIN’S nutritionist… and we’ve even checked it out ourselves… but did you know MARTIN’S offers food tastings and nutrition classes as well? If you’re working to get healthy this spring, check out these up coming events at MARTIN’s this month: […]

The Gluten-Free Truth – Who, Why and How!

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During the majority of my 24 years as a dietitian, the term “gluten-free” was not the buzzword it is today.  Even a decade ago, most people had never even heard of the word gluten. Now, I hear gluten-free discussed almost daily and can spot products throughout MARTIN’S Food Markets. While a gluten-free diet is not […]

How I Saw A Nutritionist for Practically Free, What I Learned & Tips for When You Go

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I find myself having a lot of conversations about food lately.  This isn’t entirely unusual, as it is one of my favorite subjects, but specifically I’ve been thinking about how confusing nutrition has become.  Between diets touting bullet-proof coffee, weight loss plans which sell processed foods, and confusing food packaging there are a lot of mixed messages when […]