This is How we Roll: Car Organization in the New Year


Between ferrying offspring to various activities (and all the accompanying soccer, swim or hiking accoutrements), eating on the go, and life in general, sometimes it feels as if we are living in our car. Before we had kids, I used to detail my car with a Q-tip and a special natural bristle brush. Minuscule flecks […]

theNeatNiche Tames the Clutter-Monster!

Yup, we can't find our stuff!

My daughter Dahlia and I were pretty excited about having Erin Podbielniak from theNeatNiche organize our upstairs crap room – sorry, I mean Craft Room. At least Erin’s written assessment had indicated that my home wasn’t beyond hope. The comments were: “clean and well-kept overall despite select areas of clutter. Main exits are not blocked, […]