Great Gifts for Teachers (When You Don’t Have Time to be Crafty)

Teacher Gift ideas

I love making crafts and think they make lovely presents and gifts… but truth be told, there’s plenty of crafty things to make during the holidays and I usually realize I need to get gifts for the teachers the Wednesday before school is out for the winter break. Consider this your reminder (and mine) that […]


Over scheduled

PRISCILLA WRIGHT,M.Ed,LPC,NCC Children require structure and routine to feel safe, build character, and promote responsible behavior. Although the benefits of structure cannot be denied, is there such a thing as too much structure?  Should there be a limit on the number of extracurricular activities a child should participate in? Children should be encouraged to try […]

How to Handle a “Poor” Report Card

How to Handle a “Poor” Report Card | Richmondmom

By Steve Green, Executive Director Sylvan Learning of Richmond It’s that time of the school year again – report card time.  While many students will come home with good grades, others would rather stuff their report cards deep into their backpacks than show them to their parents.  As parents, you want your child to do […]

Carry Your Pink Ruler Proudly


My youngest son is in middle school. I repeat, my son is in middle school; land of sprouting pre-teens, decorated lockers, sudden bursts of hormones, brand new cell phones and embarrassing parents. In preparation for this new adventure we had many a talk about middle school and new starts and how he would be perceived […]

I Geek Cookies & Books

Middle and high school students are invited to discuss any book and eat cookies.

Middle School Girls Support Group

In today’s culture, our children are confronted daily with situations that challenge their emotional resilience. This is a healthy opportunity for girls to gather in a friendly, well-managed group as they develop better communication and coping strategies. Continues each week through October 22. Register: 804-337-7651.

Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream® Returns with New Haunts and Louder Screams.


When the sun sets beginning September 12, Busch Gardens becomes a pretty frightening place. Prepare to scream this fall when the infamous Howl-O-Scream® returns with some all new thrills for 2014. Cursed music will be playing throughout the park stirring up some strange happenings. Be careful as you try to unravel the secrets in Wendigo Woods™… […]

Moving On: Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School

Pre teen girl getting on school bus

By Priscilla Wright, M.Ed, LPC,NCC Moving on to middle school can be an exciting time.  Some children embrace this change while others find it difficult. Here are a few things that parents can do to ease the transition. School Environment: The expectations are greater in middle school. Students are expected to keep track of and […]

Back to School Survival Guide for Students

Mother daughter homework

By Steve Green, Executive Director Sylvan Learning of Richmond For many students, the first day of school doesn’t only bring new teachers and new friends – it can also be a source of anxiety with homework assignments and tests just around the corner. Starting the school year off on the right foot can help minimize […]

Bye Bye Elementary School!


“Wow! That just actually happened,” I thought as I watched my daughter Dahlia (my youngest) walk across the stage at the fifth grade graduation ceremony at her school. I tried not to cry. That’s it, I thought. Elementary school is officially over for us! It’s mind-boggling when I think about her journey. I still remember […]