College Nannies and Tutors Helps Keep Nannies Safe

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If you’re hoping to make some extra cash or your college student is hoping to make some money over the summer, you could be targeted in an online scam. NBC12 covered fake nanny ads and called in College Nannies + Tutors for expert advice. Locally owned and operated College Nannies + Tutors keeps nannies and families safe […]

5 Tips on How to Hire a Good Nanny

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Childcare is a major consideration; encompassing a host of concerns for parents and caregivers.  How much will it cost?  Are services available to cover my needs?  What are my goals and philosophies about child-rearing?  And how can I possibly convey them to another person? The process of coming to terms with your child care needs, […]

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever – College Nannies Has It! Get 50% Off Before June 30, 2011

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          Aaarrrggghhhh! It’s Thursday and Father’s Day is just 3 days away, but you don’t have a gift yet! What do you get for dad that shows him how much he is loved and appreciated? Or what do you do when you’re looking for something really unique and special for your […]

Nannies are Waiting for Your Call!

Today’s spring-like weather beckons us all to enjoy the great outdoors. And it also reminds us that summer is not far away either. That means schools will be closed and children will be clamoring for fun and activities. Unfortunately, summer also signals a time of challenges and distress for many moms who need childcare help. […]