When Baby Makes 3 Class

In this fun couples workshop, “expectant and new” parents will discover how to have more time, more intimacy, more money and less drama after the baby has been born. Discover how a new baby impacts your “Language of Love” and hear practical tips to keep the fire burning in spite of the added stress and […]

Milk Donation: “Wait, you donate what?”

Our Milk Freezer

After my son was born, like many moms, I worked hard to provide breast milk for him while he was at daycare. This entailed expressing breast milk by pumping. You can read my story about exclusively pumping breast milk here. My hubby and I had a streamlined system for which milk went into the fridge, […]

My Breastfeeding Story: Why I chose to exclusively pump


What does this photo mean to you? To me, it represents nurturing, sustenance and love. The infant seems relaxed, engaged and all is well. Unfortunately, this was not my breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding was an emotional journey for me. It seemed the odds were against me – low milk supply, baby with reflux and feeding issues […]

A Head Injury: Why I Started This Blog

That little baby with skull fractures is now in kindergarten, healthy, happy and full of sass.

It dawned on me while talking to a friend at work today that I haven’t done a great job at continuing to share exactly why it is I started Richmondmom.com. After five years it’s easy to forget sometimes but I need to tell you this story so you can tell it over and over again […]

Considered an In-home Baby Nurse? Empowering Through Nurturance

Richmondmom.com baby

The first few weeks at home with your newborn can be both a magical time – and physically and emotionally grueling! Unfortunately, the demands of the baby can blur your precious memories (especially if you have multiples). That is why some mothers turn to an in-home baby nurse for night-time assistance. A baby nurse is […]

Life in Shifts: A Richmond Dad’s View

jeb hoge

by Jeb Hoge, who has written little gems like Biscuits for Boys and In Defense of the Road Trip for Richmondmom.com. Editor’s Note: Jeb recently welcomed their third baby, so I’m not sure how he had time to write this, but we’re thankful that he did. When we got married in our 20s, we wanted a […]