Rebuilding Core Strength After Pregnancy

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BACK PAIN: DURING AND AFTER PREGNACY It’s estimated that 50-70 percent of women will suffer back or pelvic pain during pregnancy.  Loosening of the ligaments due to hormonal changes, additional weight, and stretching of the abdominal muscles increases stress to the lumbar spine.  If you’re lucky enough to sail through pregnancy without back pain, you’re […]

Magic Time: A Message of Parenting Hope

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First, Happy New Year to all!  While the New Year is a magic time for some, you fellow parents know that better than any New Year is the ‘Magic Time’ when your household is at peace and you’re not being asked to stretch beyond your ability to cope with the challenges that little kids bring. […]

RVA Parents of Preemies: a new support group for Richmond mamas

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Hey Mamas there’s a new support group in town! RVA Parents of Preemies (RVAPOP) is a Richmond-based group that provides community, advice, support, and friendship to the parents and family members of infants born prematurely. RVAPOPs mission is to lessen the isolation of the NICU experience by uniting new preemie parents with experienced NICU families […]

Innovative Baby Products for New Moms

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I would like to extend a huge thank you to CBS 6- Virginia This Morning for hosting Richmondmom for a segment all about products for new moms. If you missed it live, scroll down to learn more about the featured products and how you can win them! (And even catch a link to the video.) […] Makes Special Deliveries

Are you pregnant and looking for great bargains on fashionable clothing and accessories? Then has exactly what you’re looking for. Online Boutique is a maternity bargain boutique that serves as an online resource dedicated solely to discount, new and pre-loved maternity clothing. They offer pregnant moms a new way to dress in […]