Why Leaving My Kids Is Important

Reading a blog post from my friend Nicole Unice the other day about preparing to leave on a short trip with her husband sans kiddos, I thought: now THERE’s a topic we haven’t really ever discussed on our blog. Wonder why not? Well I may be opening myself up for a firestorm of opposing viewpoints […]

Richmond Rocks Sequel Coming Soon

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since our first book, Richmond Rocks came out. Me and my friend, Nicole Unice, who is now a world-famous author and blogger (well, she will be!) sat down with the idea of creating a super-cool book about Richmond history for little kids. I had an epiphany when my son […]

On Mom Guilt . . .And All Guilt

Reblogged with permission of Nicole Unice, Author/Speaker/Inspirational Chick (that’s my term!) at NicoleUnice.com It is 3:49PM on a Sunday. I am between times that I am “on”, because I work in the mornings and the evenings on Sunday, with a long stretch of what feels like waiting in between. And every Sunday afternoon I think I […]

Letter to Working Moms*

Recently my friend (and amazing writer/human) Nicole Unice shared with us a blog she had posted on her own amazing blog here on Richmondmom.com called Letter to Stay at Home Moms. When she sent us the post it immediately resonated with me although I had no idea how many thousands of moms all over the country […]

A Letter to Stay At Home Moms

By: Nicole Unice I have needed to write this for a long time. I was standing over some chicken last night and it came to me that I have so much to say to every stay-at-home mom in this little blogging land. I was cooking that chicken and it tasted good. It tasted good, I […]

Top Posts of 2012 That Had People Talking

Our Top Posts of 2012 list includes articles that had our readers talking…and talking……and talking….. Check them out here. Comment on our Facebook page and let us know your favorite posts of 2012 from Richmondmom.com too. We love to know what our readers think!     –Rainbow around The Moon by Meghan Mack -Mom Arrested […]

An Author Interviews an Author (Part 2 of 2)

An author interviews an author:   Rachel Reynolds interviews Nicole Unice When Nicole and I realized that we both had our first books coming out in May, we jumped at the chance to review each other’s work.  Here is my interview about Nicole’s book She’s Got Issues.  You can also check out her interview about my book, Four Seasons […]

An Author Interviews an Author (Part 1 of 2)

An author interviews an author: Nicole Unice interviews Rachel Reynolds  It was such a fun thing to connect with Rachel Reynolds. Right as I was releasing She’s Got Issues, she was releasing Four Seasons for Charlotte. We thought it would be cool to ask each other some questions, author to author. To read Rachel’s interview of […]

Real Richmond Review: Two Mommies and A Mummy

Co-written by Nicole Unice and Alex Iwashyna. android phone spy We met up at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum to get a sneak preview of Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb. The exhibit begins with a 21 minute long 3-D movie. Us: OOH! Free glasses! The lights dim and Jean-Luc Picard begins to narrate Mummy: The […]

Bloody Thumbs

by Nicole Unice This was not a usual morning. I don’t normally go to the grocery store on Monday morning. I don’t normally buy doughnuts and sit in the grocery cafe for a few minutes before preschool drop-off. And I certainly don’t usually notice a man like this. He sat alone, perched on the edge of […]