Class-A-Roll is Not Your Average Food Truck


Bon Secours has combined food truck with classroom in the new Class-A-Roll. Class-A-Roll,  a 20-ft-long, 13-ft-tall trailer, is actually a fully equipped kitchen built specifically to be able to provide hands on demonstrations and cooking classes. “For years, Bon Secours has been dedicated to improving the health and economic vitality of Richmond’s Church Hill and […]

Monument Avenue 10k 2014 – Nutrition Tips for Peak Performance:

10K finish line

Looking to gain that extra edge to your sport or fitness routine? Your diet has an important impact on exercise performance. Active people, both recreational and competitive, need to provide their bodies with extra fuel to support increased activity. For peak performance, be sure to routinely eat a healthy balanced diet with the right balance […]

Get Healthier: Six Tips for a Healthy 2014


As we welcome in a new year, let’s remember that health is not merely the absence of disease, it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, enjoying a hobby or learning to set limits with others in your life, it’s important to take time to be good to yourself. Take steps to balance work, home, […]

Are Your Eating Habits a Mess? Here Are 14 Ways To Get On The Right Track

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Each year eating healthy tops the list of New Year’s Resolutions. But how does one actually eat healthier?  I like to think that I’m a healthy eater, but I tend to get bogged down by all the conflicting information. If your goals are to clean up your eating habits and get to a healthy weight, […]

Discover Your Identity then Boost Your Happiness at the Science Museum of Virginia!


When is the last time you really looked at your ears, rolled your tongue in the mirror and studied your finger tips?  Identity: An Exhibition of You is the latest temporary exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia and it’s all about me. Well, to me it was, but when you go it will be […]

7 lessons I learned from going gluten free for one month

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There is a lot of talk about the growing number of people with a sensitivity to gluten.  Gluten free diets have been said to reduce symptoms from skin and digestive issues to neurological disorders.  Having one child facing some difficulty in a handful of skills (focus being one of them) we decided to jump on […]

Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes


What is gestational diabetes? When diabetes starts during pregnancy, it is called gestational diabetes. Women with diabetes (whether or not it is classified as gestational diabetes) need special care during pregnancy. Diabetes is a condition that prevents the body from using food properly. The body receives its major source of energy from a sugar known […]

Real Richmond Review: Fruit 66 – A Drink Made Right Here in RVA

Fruit 66

William Hargis, a local dad and businessman, was concerned when he learned of Richmond’s childhood obesity problems. He’s worked many years creating and perfecting natural drinks that children would prefer to unhealthy soft drinks. We were recently sent some of his Fruit 66 products to try out and wanted to share our experience with you. […]

Healthy Holiday Eating

holiday meal

Over the next several weeks, it is likely that many of us will be travelling from one holiday get-together to another as we celebrate the season with friends and family members. While the holidays can be a fun and festive time, many of our celebrations will be focused on food, making it easier for all […]

What a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Can Do For You

nurse practitioner

We hear from women all the time about the special relationship they have with their nurse practitioner at Virginia Women’s Center. In honor of National Nurse Practitioner Week, November 11-17, we wanted to remind our patients that a nurse practitioner makes a great health care provider for many of your routine care needs–whether you are […]