Special Needs Pediatric Care FAQS

Why does a child with special needs need a pediatrician who manages special needs patients only? Although families may go through financial hardships, adjustments with employment, or lack of family support, research has shown that families that have children with special needs have increased risk for having financial instability, social isolation or family disruption. A physician who manages […]

My Son Was Born With a Congenital Anomaly

My son was born with a congenital anomaly that required surgery when he was just 4 days old. Shortly after discharge from the NICU he started having problems with latching while breast-feeding. After two weeks of seeing a lactation consultant, I followed her recommendation to feed Jon with a bottle. Being a pediatrician I knew […]

Tips for Healthy Gardening

  After a seemingly endless winter, spring is officially here. Observing our community, many are taking advantage of the influx of warm weather to work outdoors. However, if you overdo it or throw your back out, you may end up coming up short, come harvest time. April is occupational therapy month. Occupational therapists (OT) help […]

Mobile Devices as Cognitive Aids for People with Brain Injuries

In my last article, I wrote about a local teen that experienced brain injury.  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and this time around I will share some strategies using mobile technologies to support those with brain injuries. Just as every person is unique, the symptoms of brain injury may vary from one person to […]

Do You Have Concerns About a Loved One? Older Driver Safety Week is Here

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week is December  2-6, 2013 As a young girl visiting relatives in England, I recall sitting in the back seat of my grandfather’s 1972 Vauxhall, wearing my safety harness, careening down English country roads.  My grandfather was driving. In his younger years, he successfully drove around wooded country lanes with hairpin turns […]