Richmond Farmers Markets

UPDATED 3/25/15 Whether you’re obsessed with getting the freshest (and tastiest) food possible, you want to support local farmers, or you just like to enjoy the outdoors and get your groceries done at the same time, one thing is for certain: Richmond has absolutely no shortage of farmers markets. We’ve got a farmers market for […]

Fresh, Locally Grown Produce at Your Doorstep.

I used to love grocery shopping.  I’d stroll down the aisles, read labels, try new products. These days, I have at least 1 or 2 “helpers” with me (sometimes all 3!) and it’s… less relaxing. Enter: The Farm Table (I seriously took a break from writing this to sign up. No lie.) It’s easy-peasy to […]

Real Richmond Reviews: Relay Foods and Relay Mama

Recently, Relay Foods has launched Relay Mama, a new parent-centric page that makes shopping for our little ones easier than ever.  If you haven’t checked Relay out yet and aren’t sure what it is, it’s an online grocery store offering products from the best of Richmond’s local farms, stores, and vendors.  Relay prides itself in its […]