EXTENDED: The Real Cute Easter Contest is HERE!


EXTENDED: Register and book your FREE photo session before March 22nd! Spring time is here!! It’s time to shake off those February blues and put on your spring time shoes! We’re super excited about this contest because not only do you get a FREE hour long spring time session with Butler Photographic Artistry at their absolutely gorgeous […]

Real Cute Easter Contest is Coming!


    Be on the lookout! We’re getting ready to launch the Real Cute Easter Contest. Richmondmom is paring up with the incredible photographer at Butler Photographic Artistry for some absolutely stunning easter portraits this year. Forget the Easter Bunny (he’s scary anyway) and get your picture taken with live animals at a stunning local […]

Preserve Your Memories with Butler Photographic Artistry

Butler Photographic Artistry 3

Dan and his dedicated staff strive to be everything your family desires in a portrait artist. As a father, Dan recognizes how important it is to preserve the fleeting and memorable times you have with your children, and we do everything we can to perfectly capture your loved one’s personalities through the art of portraiture. […]

Simply Photography Exhibit

Enjoy the season kick-off of exhibits and a Jamaican Folk Art solo show and the monthly juried All Media Art Show. RVA Dance Collective will perform some of the choreography of Jess Burgess and Danica Kalemdaroglu.

Displaying Photos at Home: The Dining Room


Guest blogger: Allison Patel Everyone has their favorite vacation spot. Whether it’s OBX or Smith Mountain Lake, Atlantic City, Key West, or Myrtle Beach, you know that certain place that makes your soul happy every time you visit. That spot for me is New York City. As cliche’ as it is, I really do heart […]

Professional Photography Session for Under $50!

Popup Studio

There are many things that make family photography (or just photos of the kids) tough, but two tend to top the list: the cost, and actually doing it. McAbbott Studios is keeping cost (and short attention spans) in mind with their mini sessions at Hip to be Round. Book your appointment for August 2nd, 2014 […]

The Importance of Being Cute: Pet Photography in Virginia

How has this been going on since June and it’s just making it to our calendar? I don’t know but it’s ADORABLE and there’s still time to fit it into your schedule!   Photographs of animals dominate the web. From the cute to the ridiculous, millions of pet images are viewed and shared each day. […]

My Facebook Feed Has Been Taken Over By Back-To-School Photos


Blogger at Late Enough Back-to-school time! My Facebook feed is so full of adorable back-to-school photos it has drown out adorable politics for multiple days. I knew I would take a few, but the fact that I’ve seen so many of them, the secret hipster in me whispered: Don’t post one. Even if the kids […]