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Tag: Postpartum depression

Mental Health New Baby

Maintaining Your Mental Health as a New Mom

The journey of pregnancy can be a roller-coaster of emotions, to say the least. But even after giving birth, you might find yourself reeling....
Post-Weaning Depression

What Moms Need to Know about Post-Weaning Depression and Anxiety

This was my second baby in two years, and I was prepared. Prepared for the nausea and discomfort of pregnancy, the stares of strangers...
Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression: Beyond Baby Blues

What could be more exciting than the birth of a baby? New mothers expect this to be a time of joy and satisfaction. So...

How to Help: Important Information About Suicide Prevention

By Shannon G. Weisleder Where do you turn when you or a loved one find yourself experiencing suicidal thoughts? #1 Answer – ASK OR CALL FOR...

Woman Suffers from Psychotic Postpartum Episode; Seeking Local Saviors

Postpartum psychosis manifests in many ways, however few as dramatic and public as Heather Coleman's. She shared bits of her experience on the blog...

Depression and Pregnancy

Still seemingly taboo in our society today, discussions about antepartum depression (depression during pregnancy) and postpartum depression (depression after pregnancy) are rare. Many women...