Rebuilding Core Strength After Pregnancy

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BACK PAIN: DURING AND AFTER PREGNACY It’s estimated that 50-70 percent of women will suffer back or pelvic pain during pregnancy.  Loosening of the ligaments due to hormonal changes, additional weight, and stretching of the abdominal muscles increases stress to the lumbar spine.  If you’re lucky enough to sail through pregnancy without back pain, you’re […]

Raising a Family in a Toxic World

“Raising a Family in a Toxic World” series with Dr. Ron Herrsche & Mary Stefanik, M.S.  Part 1: How We Eat // Thursday, Sept. 18th  Part 2: Age & Exercise // Thursday, Sept. 25th  Part 3: Putting it all Together // Thursday, Oct. 2nd Raising a family in a toxic world is a struggle we all […]