Dearest Winter


Dearest Winter, We hate you. You have overstayed your visit and you smell like fish. We have done puzzles, played cards, watched movies, built armies of snowmen, sledded countless hills and been in two mad rushes at the supermarket where we all seem to be looking for milk and bread though half of us are […]

Divorce Is Hard Work if You Do it Right

My beautiful picture

Trying to parent your kid while fighting with your ex reminds me of the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”, but in the fighting version of the poem where the roads diverge, each parent takes a different path as well as one arm of their kid. Then they start pulling. There was no […]

“I’m Bored”


  “The self must know stillness before it can discover its true song.”  Ralph Brum     It’s okay this winter to let your kids get bored. Really really bored. I know in today’s world we think busy is good.  We think we need to have our kids on travel soccer and two swim teams. […]

Shed A Little Light


It’s winter and let’s face it most of us are grumpy. There’s not a lot of sunshine; the days get dark before you’ve even come home from work; fevers stuffy noses and dry skin abound; we are depleted of sunshine and fresh air. Grumpy. But you still have a choice. The choice is when you […]

Thank God We Get Another Year


My dad once said he hoped not to live past sixty.  He didn’t want to get old and doddering and forget things and put his pants on backwards.  He didn’t want to work his wrinkled fingers to the bone because he never had anything like a retirement portfolio and so far his plan on hitting […]

“Boys Will Be Boys…… I Think Not”


“A boy is the only thing that we can use to make a man”. – Unknown   As we head towards December I decided I wouldn’t write a rant about the Christmas elf; mainly because I don’t care about the Christmas elf one way or the other.  I won’t talk about how much we spend […]

Who Is the Busiest of Them All?


We wear our busy schedules like a badge of honor; committed to twelve committees, room mother, kids on several soccer teams, participating in after school activities, music classes and cooking. We are at every event and everywhere all at once. We are frantic; we are on the phone; we are in our cars; we check […]

Whose Someone Are You?


As I get older I have been afraid dismayed and amazed at the private pain that is endured around me; both strangers and loved ones whose faces carry the heavy weight of life. I have always managed to come out on top of my pain, sometimes barely, sometimes after a time. My way is to […]

Superhero Doesn’t Last Forever


You only have a short time to be a Superhero. One thing I would like parents to know is that your children begin by thinking you wear blue tights, can fly and are capable of making yourself invisible.  They depend on you for their food supply, their blankies, their reading time, walks and talks and […]

Best- Seller


Dear Betty: the landlord not to be, I am sorry we had the opportunity to meet. Oh wait, we didn’t really meet.  Sure, we had a great phone conversation and you loved me from behind the cell phone.  You heard a well-spoken women talking about moving into your apartment with her firefighter husband and honor […]