Celebrating Sweet September Sixteen

Kim, her daughter Kali, and husband Mark.

When it comes to Real Richmond Parents, no one is more real than Kim Newlen! Kim is the founder of Sweet Monday, a motivational speaker, and an author. She’s also a wife and mother and very busy Richmond parent! LookBetterThanYouFeel You may know Kim from a previous article related to her LookBetterThanYouFeel garment for women […]

The Mo Spot: Searching for Men

Source: artofmanliness.com

Fun for moms – and dads! Sweet Spot is raising money for men’s health through their “no shave campaign” appropriately named “Movember”. This is the easiest charity event ever for men to join. There is no running, jumping, or climbing. ┬áMen can just sit back, relax, and let their mustaches grow. During the month of […]

Oh My: Birthdays, Easter, and Celebrations at Sweet Spot


You may think you already know all there is to know about Sweet Spot in Short Pump, but you’ll be surprised at ALL they have to offer. Sure, it’s a great place to find unique, delicious, and old-fashioned candy. But did you know that Sweet Spot: hosts fundraising events at the store offers great party […]