Save for College and Save the Planet with VA529. Who Knew?


Monday April 22nd is Earth Day so THINK GREEN! Did you know you can save for college AND save the planet using the Socially Targeted Investment Portfolio available through VA529 inVEST, not to mention the awesome tax advantages? American investors are increasingly seeking investment choices that complement their environmental and social consciences. According to the latest Report on […]

How to Help Your Child Perform Better on Tests


Do you wish you could solve the problem and not just treat the symptoms so your student could excel on college entrance exams? Do you wonder if there’s a way to focus on skills gaps and not spend hours drilling your son or daughter on skills he or she already has? Is there a way […]

529 Savings Plans Reach All Time Highs: Check Out VA529


  Did you hear about the VA529 facelift in 2012?  They enhanced their program names and several features of the prePAID program, currently open through March 31st, 2013. Virginia529 prePAID is one of four college savings programs offered by Virginia529. Don’t miss their fancy new online calculator where you can create lots of different scenarios of […]