Initiation of a Swim Team Mom

Swim Team Fun

My 8-year-old has been on swim team for 3 years, and my 6-year-old for 1 year. Three years in, I am a seasoned Swim Team Mom. I attend behind-the-scenes meetings in the wintertime to help ensure meet planning goes smoothly for our team during the summer months. I must admit, it was a little surreal […]

Check Out These Supermoms and Vote!

vote for richmond supermom

We have an incredible bunch of women in Richmond doing amazing things! Since there’s a lot of reading about to happen I’ll keep this short: Here’s how the Supermom Voting works: 1) Click here or on ANY link below to vote for a Supermom (all links go to the same contest survey) Nominees with first names […]

Work Versus Stay-At-Home Moms Is Not Up For Discussion

working mom image

An article is going around Facebook on the perils of being a working mom. My mom friends, who work outside of the home, appreciate “someone who gets it.” I also read the piece more out of curiosity and wanting to “get it” better myself as a stay-at-home/work-part-time-at-home (SAH/WAH) mom. I wanted to know how I […]

Laryngitis Lessons Learned


-Every thing said aloud doesn’t always need to be said aloud. Greater thrift with spoken words might be surprisingly appreciated. -The oft-repeated adage, “Whisper—it gets people’s attention” is a bald-faced lie. -Unimportant requests should be pondered carefully and likely need not be verbalized. Learn to deal with the TV volume two clicks too high (or […]

Kate Hall Scares Me

This is me, slightly airbrushed thanks to Real Life Studios.

Kate Hall scares me. Okay, there – I’ve said it! I mean, she leaps over tall buildings, auctions off Richmond’s most handsome eligible bachelors, and catapults through water-slides at Great Wolf Lodge like a 10-year old.  She runs miles in the sweltering heat for fun and actually enjoys it, and she Googles herself just to […]