Not Fighting Forty

Kate's kiddos circa 2008

Yes, I’m another mom who is officially reaching middle-age and the BIG 4-0 looms at me on August first, as highly-anticipated as an annual mammogram and visit to the ob-gyn. I’ve read fellow-writer friends express their feelings on turning forty here on the blog and over wine on coveted girls’ nights out. And, sure as crows feet are [...]

A Great Beach Read from a Richmond Author Who Supports JDRF

kathleen reid

We just love to celebrate new authors – and especially Richmond authors! We’re excited to hear that one of Richmond’s newest authors has written a great beach read – or just a leisurely read at home. And best of all? It supports the vital research related to diabetes research. Richmonder Kathleen Reid, a long-time JDRF [...]

The Amazing Raise 5k is Back: September 18, 2013

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This is an AMAZING opportunity for Richmond families!   On September 18, 2013, Brandywine Realty Trust and the Lingerfelt Companies will host The Amazing Raise 5k at the Boulders, a run/walk that winds through the beautifully landscaped roads and serene trails of the Boulders Office Park.  The event is a true celebration of our community [...]

My Son: 20 Questions Expert


If you have a hankering to play 20 Questions, you are welcome to come to my house any time.  My son is a genius at this game!  He is three.  Very three, and very good at this game.  Allow me to illustrate. Him:  “Mom, what that man doing over there?  How he get up there?” [...]

Time Is Not A Four Letter Word


Someone once told me when I became a parent at age 20 that the days would be long but the years would be short.  Like any recent teenager, I hadn’t much perspective on the passing of time, of hours whiling away, slipping like water down the drain. I wanted time to pass.  I wanted to [...]

Planning a Happy Family Vacation


As the summer at last gets into full swing, moms everywhere will be intent on planning vacations that the whole family will enjoy. By following a few simple tips and guidelines, the experience will surely be wonderful from beginning to end. Whether you are ultimately traveling to Walt Disney World, Hollywood, or the Rocky Mountains, [...]