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The Difference Between Sprains and Strains

Any athlete, participant in any form of exercise, or even dancers and workers know that sprains and strains are common.There’s a big difference between...

The Secret Ingredient to Successful Running: Strength Training

by: Jen Seaton, PT, DPT Tidewater Physical Therapy, John Rolfe Clinic Running is easily one of the most popular forms of exercise in the United States,...

Postpartum Rehabilitation: Supporting the Well-being of the Mother and Child

Every mother knows that having a child changes you:  physically, mentally, and socially.  What I didn’t realize was how poorly our country compares to...



Baby Boy Jams to Dad’s Beatboxing

Something that we see in sports, entertainment, or even in our own families are kids following in their parents' footsteps.  Parents share their interests...