How to Connect with Your Child’s Teachers: Get Involved in Education

parent teacher conference

Parent-teacher conferences are a great opportunity to connect with your children’s teachers and become more involved in their education. However, your involvement shouldn’t end there. Make an action plan to keep your children on track throughout the year. “Parent-teacher conferences are often when parents become aware of their children’s educational deficiencies.  Unfortunately, many parents expect […]

How to Help Your Child Perform Better on Tests


Do you wish you could solve the problem and not just treat the symptoms so your student could excel on college entrance exams? Do you wonder if there’s a way to focus on skills gaps and not spend hours drilling your son or daughter on skills he or she already has? Is there a way […]

Parents Need to Know: Practice is the Key to Math Retention and Mastery


Mathematic skills are built one level at a time; a lack of mastery in one area makes reaching the next level difficult, if not impossible.  Unlike reading and writing, math skills build on one another – and failing to master a particular skill area creates a shaky foundation for all the skills that follow, which […]