Mosaic Mediation Saves Frustration, Time and Money When Conflicts Arise

Mosaic Mediations - Liza Hill

Are you or someone you know struggling with conflict? Is there a business conflict in your life – or perhaps there are custody issues with a child? Maybe you and your siblings disagree over caregiver options for a loved one? Conflict as a Fact of Life Unfortunately, conflicts are a fact of life at various […]

No Parent Left Behind: Dealing With Teens Today

No Parent Left Behind - Small

Your teens are living in a different world than you lived in as a teen. So what does that mean to you? It means that they face different challenges, temptations, concerns, and cultural forces. And it means that parenting is different today than it was when your parents were raising you. No Parent Left Behind […]

Lift Caregiving Presents Modern Aging: Free Resource Day for Caregivers


Caregiving is a challenging and sometimes exhausting experience. If you’re providing care for an elderly parent, or someone else older, you know how difficult it can be. Although it is a rewarding experience, it also takes on toll on those who sacrifice time and money — and especially if you’re balancing family, jobs, and other […]

Things I Wish My Grandchildren Could Experience

Me, my 4 siblings, cousins, and my grandparents.

As a grandparent of the 21st century, there are so many things I wish my grandchildren — and even my children — could experience, but they never will. Times have changed and with the changes, life affords our children and grandchildren so many wonderful opportunities and new challenges. Advanced technology, affordable transportation, and new lifestyles […]

Making a Difference – One Visit at a Time

Mrs. Nelson and John Thomas enjoy a special gift basket together.

Can a simple, short visit just to say “hello” make your day brighter? It definitely can if you’re an older adult who has little opportunity to interact with others, get out and about alone, or frailties of aging that keep you closed up in your home much of the time. With the increasing rate of […]

Grandparents are Safer Drivers than Parents According to Study

Are grandparents safer drivers than parents?

I remember the first time I put my youngest grandchild in the rear-facing carseat of my car. I think I was more nervous than when I placed my first child in a carseat. Being responsible for a child while driving is a heavy responsibility at any age. Now, I buckle all three of the little […]

Parents, Kids and the Beach — It’s All in a Day’s Play!

Connor loves the beach - for 30 minutes!

My husband and I look forward to spending time at the beach with our children and grandchildren every summer. It’s a tradition we hope to continue for as long as we are able. Unfortunately, our youngest daughter and her husband could not vacation with us this year since they recently spent almost a week off […]

HCA Opening New Facility in Goochland Offering Greater Access to Quality Healthcare for Richmond Families

HCA Hospitals Richmond VA

None of us wants to require the services of an emergency room, urgent care center, or other healthcare services. But when we need them, we want them to be convenient, cost-effective, high quality and friendly! As wise health-care consumers, Richmond moms and families want choices when it comes to accessing the best healthcare services available. […]

March Madness Offers Glimpses of Beauty

It’s Friday night and I am dutifully fulfilling my caregiving responsibilities by taking my turn at taking care of my father. I drove the almost 3 hour trip in mostly dismal, gray rain to get here, where my two brothers, two sisters, their families, and my father live. Caregiving often feels like  a thankless job and it is […]

The Verdict Is In – My Father is Going to Jail

Caregiving is a challenging and stressful responsibility. Whether you’re providing care for an aging parent who lives close or far away, it is difficult on everyone involved. Unfortunately, many elderly adults often do not receive the services and benefits they deserve and need. My father is suffering from a variety of problems including a broken […]