How I Saw A Nutritionist for Practically Free, What I Learned & Tips for When You Go

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I find myself having a lot of conversations about food lately.  This isn’t entirely unusual, as it is one of my favorite subjects, but specifically I’ve been thinking about how confusing nutrition has become.  Between diets touting bullet-proof coffee, weight loss plans which sell processed foods, and confusing food packaging there are a lot of mixed messages when […]

Free Standing Nursing Spaces in Airports, Will it be a Good Thing for Nursing Moms?


    General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee will be the first airport in the nation to unveil mamava, a free-standing pod for breastfeeding and pumping mothers. The pod provides benches, a fold down table, a USB port, power outlet, soft lighting, space for a stroller or luggage, lock and a mirror. As with all things parenting […]

25 Unique New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

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Losing weight, quitting smoking, and saving money are all popular resolutions… but the problem with these is that if you slip up, you feel like a failure… in fact, 92% of all resolutions are doomed to fail. But New Year’s is still a great time for a little reflection and thinking of areas where we […]

Why I Am Not The “Default Parent”

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Recently this article from the Huffington Post has been popping up on Facebook.  It’s self-proclaimed satire but a lot of people seemed to relate to it.  After reading it, I realized something that I’ve known to be true for quite sometime.  I am not the “Default Parent”.  Neither is my husband. I recently visited some friends who […]

Spring On a Budget: Go Nautical for Under $150


I really love magazines and style blogs but I always get frustrated when I fall in love with something and find out it’s a cool $300… or that it’s in an impossible to find boutique somewhere in Calcutta (minor hyperbole, but still). So here’s an easily attainable nautical inspired look.   These 6 pieces you […]

13 Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Fix

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It’s PSL season and, by now you know that’s where the country goes stark-raving pumpkin-spice mad. …And I’m right there with them.  I just can’t help myself. And the good news is: it’s good for you! Alright…. maybe not the 380 calorie Pumpkin Spice Latte but real, actual pumpkin is good for you. I have […]