Learn How to Start Saving for Your Kids College with a Virginia529 Plan

It’s the start of a new school year and it’s a good time to start thinking about your child’s college education. It may seem like a long way off, but with the growing costs of higher education, it’s never too early to start thinking about saving for college. We’re in luck because not only do […]

Sales Tax Holiday Isn’t Just For Back To School

It’s here whether we like it or not! It’s back to school shopping time! All those pens, pencils, papers and new shoes add up quickly.  No matter where you go to get your shopping done, you can get an extra 5.3% off when you shop over the Virginia Tax Free Holiday August 7 – 9. […]

ALDI: Here By Popular Demand (GIVEAWAY)

It’s not surprising that the typical family’s grocery bill is the second biggest monthly expense after their mortgage. Imagine a grocery store where you could slash the money you spend on food by up to 50%*, while continuing to enjoy high quality fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and baked goods. Well, no need to imagine because […]

One Week Left to Prepay College Tuition!

Enrollment for Virginia529’s Prepaid Tuition Program Closes March 31! The deadline to enroll in Virginia’s prepaid college tuition program is fast approaching. With Virginia529 prePAID (prePAID), parents, grandparents and other loved ones can purchase defined benefit contracts, for newborn children through ninth graders. The prePAID program is designed to cover the normal full-time undergraduate tuition […]

Virginia529 College Savings Programs among Best in US

Where can Virginia families turn if they are looking for a college savings program with the most “reasonable fees, strong investment options, and capable oversight?” That would be Virginia529 College Savings Plan! In October, Virginia529 received national recognition for its inVEST and CollegeAmerica programs. The two are among eight receiving the highest praise from independent […]

Get $50 Free for College through May 29

Parents, many of you have been meaning to start college savings accounts for your kids, right? Here’s your chance to check that off your long to-do list and get a bonus in the process. Now through May 29, Virginia529 College Savings Plan will add $50 to new accounts opened with at least $100. You also […]

It’s America Saves Week!

For many Americans, saving does not come easy. Society constantly bombards us with messages to buy the latest or greatest, urges we can satisfy practically anytime and anywhere thanks to technology. But immediate gratification can interfere with our ability to realize long-term or higher-priced desires, such as a car, a home or higher education. February […]

He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins

  In the eighties, a time of rabid acquiring of wealth, that phrase made it to a t-shirt. People wore that, in public. In their defense, they were also wearing shirts that said “Bag your face” and “Where’s the beef?” There were shows on television like Silver Spoon in which Ricky Schroder played a spoiled […]

Cash In On Your Maternity Clothes!!

Something about January always makes me want to purge myself of all the old stuff (let’s be honest, Christmas actually has a lot to do with that).  But before you donate or giveaway all your old maternity clothes, consider consigning them at Hip to be Round. Hip to be Round is accepting gently used tops, […]

DEAL: Get a Membership to BJ’s Wholesale for Half Off!

I found a great deal and I thought Richmondmom.com readers would want to know about it, but it expires January 31, 2014. BJ’s is running a promotion for 50% off a year long membership (normally $50).  In order to access the deal you will be asked to sign up for a free membership to Zulily, but […]