School Supply Giveaway

Students going in to kindergarten through grade 5 are welcome to pick up a bag of supplies while they last.

Stony Point Fashion Park Tax Free Weekend

Purchases of certain school supplies, clothing and footwear will be exempt from the Virginia sales tax.

Back-to-School Shopping: A Humbling Experience

colored pencils

Do you enjoy back-to-school shopping? Some folks do – the allure of a new notebook (and the inherent promise of organization that it brings) and the unmistakable smell of crayons welcome in a new school year. Some moms even love school supplies. After several weeks of picking out the best school supplies (most supplies in […]

Tax Free Weekend For Clothing and School Supplies

paul tomlin school supplies

  It’s official: back to school time is here! Time to save your 5.3%. School supply items with a retail price of $20 or less and clothing and footwear with a retail price of $100 or less can be purchased tax free August 1-3, 2014.  And while 5.3% may not be all that much, it’s […]

Taking Advantage of the Tax System


School supplies and peripheral elementary school needs for our twins’ 5th grade matriculation can be acquired without paying any tax this weekend. As a family, we have the means to pay the tax on the items. If we elect to shop this weekend, it’s fully legal for us not to pay any tax, but is […]