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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Raising Teens

Raising Teens: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

A couple of years ago, as my youngest daughter turned 11, I wrote an article entitled 14 Signs You Have Teenagers In The House....
14 Signs You Have Teenagers Living in the House

14 Signs You Have Teenagers Living in the House

My youngest daughter turns 11 this week. This is only significant in the sense that, with two teenage sisters ahead of her, she is...
Teenagers - #MOMWIN

Why annoying my teenagers is a total #MOMWIN

I used to be cool. I was emotionally intelligent. I was funny. I could engage in intellectual banter with the best of them. I...

Your Own Little Pinocchio

As a teen I did the following in no particular order:Lied, stole, vandalized, drove a car at age fourteen, shoplifted, ran away, hitchhiked, sneaked...

Back In My Day

I posted a picture on Facebook recently and one of my long time friends said,“Holy Crap your son has facial hair, I feel...

No Parent Left Behind: Dealing With Teens Today

Your teens are living in a different world than you lived in as a teen. So what does that mean to you?It means that...