Giveaway: Tickets to Fruitcake Science

fruitcake-science giveaway

  Sure, you could eat it, but what else could you do with that fruitcake? The Science Museum is on a mission to find out. Does it float? What happens if you burn it? Can you conduct electricity with it? The Science Museum of Virginia is celebrating 5 years of fruit cake experiments and they’re […]

Play at the Arcade at Science After Dark

the dome nebula

Stargazers and video game lovers are going to want to be at Science After Dark this Friday! SMV wants you to explore the world of computers and video games. Challenge your kids to one of your favorite classic games! The Science Museum is bringing back stand up arcade games just for their Science After Dark […]

Celebrate 5 Years of Fruitcake Science at the Science Museum of Virginia

Fruitcake torch 590

    Bring on the fruitcake! The Science Museum of Virginia is celebrating a special anniversary this holiday season – the 5th year of Fruitcake Science. During this quirky, annual holiday event, the Museum will conduct unconventional experiments on everyone’s least favorite holiday treat, the fruitcake. The maligned pastry, which was once outlawed for being […]

GLOW at the Science Museum of Virginia


Light it up at the Science Museum of Virginia during Science After Dark: Glow! SMV has a pretty spectacular evening planned for their Science After Dark series! Fire dancers will light up the way to the museum on October 17.  Inside, kids and adults can get hands on and discover the wonders of luminescence and phosphorescence. If you […]

Pandas: The Journey Home


Pandas are adorable. And if you need proof, there’s this cute gif of a panda baby protecting his ball from a mysterious gloved human: (Don’t take his ball!) If you need more than just a few seconds of cuteness, you’ll want your tickets to see 40 minutes of pandas on the big (76-foot) screen! Pandas: […]

The Science Museum of Virginia is all abuzz


Bees are creating quite the buzz at the newly installed Observational Honeybee Hive at the Science Museum of Virginia. Discover the secret life of honeybees all summer long, thanks to the Richmond Beekeepers Association. The Hive is equipped with glass panels and an outdoor tunnel, allowing the bees to forage for nectar and pollen while […]

How’d You Do? Dome Trivia Answers

Great Balls of Fire!

So how’d you do on our Wildest Weather in the Universe Trivia? Here are the answers to our pop quiz. Share these fun facts with your kids and then get out and see the movie!   What planet has planet-wide dust storms? A. Jupiter B. Mercury C. Mars D. Uranus (answer. Mars) What is the […]

We’re Giving 37 Families Tickets to an Unparalleled Immersive Experience in The Dome!!

wild weather

That’s right! We’re giving away 150 tickets! The Dome at the Science Museum of Virginia is opening on March 15th and it’s going to be AWE-INSPIRING We want you to be one of the first to check this out! Read all about The Dome and it’s transformation here. We’ve giving 37 families 4 tickets to […]

Richmond Summer Camps 2014

Richmond Camps

**Looking for our 2015 list? Find it here. **   Oh yeah! It’s here again – time to sign-up for summer camps and don’t delay because most camp registrations fill up quickly. Check out our comprehensive listing of camps and find the best camps for your kids. Let us know of others and we’re happy to […]

Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists 2014 Honored

The Science Museum of Virginia is so excited for these great scientists! Wow – these people are awesome – congratulations! Press Release: Science Museum of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Science Museum of Virginia Chief Wonder Officer Richard C. Conti are pleased to announce Virginia’s Outstanding Scientists of 2014 and the recipient of the Governor’s Award for Science Innovation […]