Tuesday Trivia at Strangeways

Everyone loves testing their brilliance with a great beer in their hand. You get the chance to show the world how freakin’ smart you are every Tuesday with quick-witted trivia by Thomas McDonald. Bring your brains, your buddies, and a buck each to play for prizes and the pot. Craft beer drinkers are the most […]

Teen Nostalgia

Ages 10 and up will play games from the past, learn trivia, make friendship bracelets, and have snacks. 804-290-9400

How’d You Do? Dome Trivia Answers

Great Balls of Fire!

So how’d you do on our Wildest Weather in the Universe Trivia? Here are the answers to our pop quiz. Share these fun facts with your kids and then get out and see the movie!   What planet has planet-wide dust storms? A. Jupiter B. Mercury C. Mars D. Uranus (answer. Mars) What is the […]