Richmond Summer Camps 2015

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4 Star Camps at UVA for academics, golf and tennis. Our priorities for the camp are clear – each season our goal is to raise the bar in regards to safety, outstanding staff, customized courses and most of all just plain fun. Abacus Math Club offers a half-day academic enrichment summer day camp for children […]

Tween Craft Club

Kids ages 10 to 14 will make thumb-tack crafts.

Crockpot and One Pot Dinners Kids Can Make (With Minimal Parent Help)

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I know a lot of adults who say they can’t cook.  I realized, that even though I’m no master chef, I didn’t want my kids growing up not being able to make a meal for themselves… that’s when my 8 year old son has started cooking dinner for our family. Aside from just learning a useful […]

Gasp: Everybody’s Not a Winner

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As my husband and I waited patiently for our eldest son’s name to be called at his middle school awards assembly (and I’ll use the word “awards” lightly-stay tuned) we both stopped reading the program mid-way and looked at each other, puzzled expressions on our faces. There it was, listed amongst the “Attendance,” “Honor Roll” […]

Sock Zombies

Ages 10 to 14 create their own sock zombie and walk the walk for Halloween. Materials will be supplied.

Legos for Tweens

Ages 10 to 12 are invited to come and create with these popular bricks. Registration required: 804-290-9200.

Tween-Teen Modern Art

Create a fun and funky painting that will be a modern masterpiece. Register 804-290-9000.

Brush Bots

Tweens and Teens only Head to the library for a fun project making brush bots. Register: 804-290-9800.  

Deconstructing Stuff

Pull apart stuff you use everyday and take a look inside.  For middle and high school students.

Make a Brushbot

Make a tiny robot out of a toothbrush and a battery. We’ll try to race them once we are done! Limited to 10 teens.  For ages 10-18. *Registration Required