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Saturday, November 27, 2021

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VCU Children's Design Fair

Richmond Weekend Event: Children’s Community Design Fair

Kids have big ideas and even bigger imaginations. Secret underground tunnels that connect their houses to their friends’. Ocean-sized swimming pools filled with Kool-Aid....
Share Your Story

Share Your Story

When you think of VCU Health, what comes to mind? Perhaps the best place for cancer care, trauma or organ transplantation. Well, it’s time...

VCU Health Delivers More Than You Expect

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine beautiful, spacious delivery suites with laboring tubs and corridors filled with gorgeous photography. Now, add...
MD or Midwife: The Choice Is Yours

MD or Midwife: The Choice Is Yours

You may not get to choose whether you have a boy or girl, but as an expectant mom, you do get to decide who...
Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression: Beyond Baby Blues

What could be more exciting than the birth of a baby? New mothers expect this to be a time of joy and satisfaction. So...
VCU Health - Midwives

VCU Health Nurse-Midwives Make Natural Childbirth Natural

Babies around Richmond just seem to come naturally. Nationwide, 27% of all babies are born by caesarian section. But only 9% of Richmond-area mothers...

VCU Hosts Richmond Premiere of The Mama Sherpas

It had been a while since I sat in a VCU lecture hall.  But on a Thursday night, I found myself sitting in a...