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Thursday, January 20, 2022

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My Dad is a Liar

My Dad is a Liar

One of the biggest roles you take on as a parent is making sacrifices for your kids. Every single day, in one way or...
Timberlake Tune

Justin Timberlake Tune has Families DANCING!

Life can be so busy, especially this time of year. Sometimes when things are so hectic it's easy to forget to take the moments...
Be kind to yourself

Be Kind to Yourself… You Never Know Who is Watching

It's no secret that kids start to imitate what they see their parents doing at an early age. Boys repeat the things their dads...
I'm Sorry, Mom

I’m Sorry, Mom

There are so many things that you just don't understand until you become a parent. All of the sacrifices your parents made for you suddenly...