July 8: Exercising During Pregnancy

Just like the old adage “eating for two” is rarely true in pregnancy, using pregnancy as an excuse to not exercise is also a myth. In fact, exercising during pregnancy has many benefits and can help alleviate some of the common ailments you may experience. Before starting any exercise program, make sure you speak with […]

What to Expect During an Ultrasound

What is an ultrasound and how does it work? Ultrasound is like regular sound, except it has a higher pitch than humans can hear. An instrument called a transducer emits high-frequency sound and then records the returning sounds (echoes) as they bounce back. A specialized computer converts the sound waves into an image of the […]

July 1: Clinical Research

A clinical trial is a research study carefully designed to answer specific questions about vaccines, new medications or new ways of using known medications. Clinical trials measure the medication’s ability to treat a medical condition and how safe it is to use. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has strict rules by which all […]

June 24: Nutrition Tips

In addition to regular visits to your health care provider and age-appropriate screenings, nutrition and exercise are foundations for a healthy life. Here are some suggestions of small changes you can make that will help you develop nutritious habits. Depending on your personality, you may wish to master one tip before moving to the next or […]

Your First Trimester in Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you’re a first-time mother-to-be or experienced in pregnancy, our team at Virginia Women’s Center will be with you every step of the way. We believe that children are among life’s greatest blessings and it is a privilege to help bring them into your family. Each pregnancy and birth is just […]

Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes

What is gestational diabetes? When diabetes starts during pregnancy, it is called gestational diabetes. Women with diabetes (whether or not it is classified as gestational diabetes) need special care during pregnancy. Diabetes is a condition that prevents the body from using food properly. The body receives its major source of energy from a sugar known […]

Maintaining Strong Bones: Who Needs Calcium?

While certain factors can increase one’s risk for Osteoporosis, there are some measures that all women can take to help prevent the development of Osteoporosis. One of these measures is to make sure you are getting enough Calcium in your diet. This infographic will explore how much Calcium women need throughout the different stages of […]

June 3: In-office Procedures

In-office surgical procedures at Virginia Women’s Center provide you with the uncompromised medical expertise and dedication to patient safety that you’ve come to know and expect from us. Board-certified anesthesiologists work in tandem with VWC physicians to care for our patients with advanced anesthetic techniques and monitoring equipment. In addition, in-office surgical procedures can help you avoid […]

May 27: Breast Self-Awareness

In addition to regular screening mammograms and clinical breast exams, some women choose to perform a formal step-by-step breast self-exam and others prefer a visual inspection. No matter the technique you choose (both can be performed in the comfort of your own home and without any formal training), it’s important that you are aware of […]

May 20: Melanoma Awareness Month

As we plan to spend more time in the sun during the summer months, it is important to prevent skin cancer by protecting ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Melanoma is one type of skin cancer that begins in melanocytes, cells that make the pigment melanin. It may begin in a mole (skin melanoma), […]