Recovering After a Miscarriage


Emotional Healing After a Miscarriage The loss of a child through miscarriage can be a difficult and emotional experience. Even in the early weeks of pregnancy, many women develop a strong bond with their unborn child and feel a deep sense of loss when miscarriage occurs. Common responses include shock or denial, disappointment or anger, […]

August 12: Prenatal Testing Options

If you and your partner are considering pregnancy or are newly pregnant, you might be amazed and/or overwhelmed with the number of prenatal testing options available. There are three different types of genetic testing that are offered during pregnancy. Carrier testing of both parents will detect if either parent is a carrier of a certain genetic […]

April 22: High-risk Obstetrics – Preterm labor

April 22: High-risk Obstetrics – Preterm labor Any woman who goes into labor before 37 weeks gestation is considered to have preterm labor. About one in every 10 babies born in the U.S. is preterm. The last few weeks of pregnancy are an important time of growth and development for your baby. A premature birth […]

Obstetrics – Planning Pregnancy

Virginia Women's Center

April 1: Obstetrics – Planning pregnancy Every mother wants her baby to be as healthy and strong as possible. The best way to do that is to start at the very beginning: before conception. Preconception care can improve your chances of getting pregnant and of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Since some […]