Breaking the Curse of the Sanctimommy


I was going about my blogging business recently when I began to notice a flurry of posts by mom bloggers staunchly defending their use of smartphones in the presence of their kids for a multitude of what seemed like perfectly logical reasons – including work, taking photos and videos, and the ever-elusive quest for a […]

Baby vs. Toddler: The Travel Edition


My daughter was five weeks old when I made my first postpartum trek to Richmond – my hometown – from my current home in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle. My husband was unable to join us for the trip, so I was making the [normally] three-hour drive alone. And I was terrified. We set out in […]

Playing Favorites


I was out running errands recently when I got a phone call from my husband, who was at home with our three-year-old daughter. It was lunchtime and he wanted to verify that I served her favorite sandwich – hummus on a bagel thin – open-faced. I confirmed that I did and added that I also […]

Potty Training the Strong-Willed Child: How We Did It


When it comes to potty training, there are nearly as many methods as there are kids on which to use them. There’s the One-Day Method, the Child-Led Method, the Potty Planner Method, and the Naked Weekend, just to name a few. All considered to be both standard and effective ways to potty train a child. […]

Do As I Say and Do As I Do

Do I As I Do

With all due respect to the legions of parents – mine included – who have ever used the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do,” to justify their own questionable behavior, I’m calling shenanigans. After all, anyone who has ever heard the echo of a four-letter word reverberate from the angel mouth of […]