Words Give Us Away


I collect words. Words and phrases and quotes. I have since I was young. In fact, at 14, my best friend and I made up a word, “pharparsnick,” as in, “stop pharparnsnicking around and get to work.” When I moved down south, I immediately adopted “y’all” not because I was trying to trick people into […]

Words We Need To End When 2013 Ends


When the ball drops in Times Square and we say good-bye to 2013, let us also say farewell to some of the worst on- and off-line phrases of the year. “-said no one ever:” It’s like the 2013 equivalent of NOT from the 90s. I still feel bad for my parents who had to endure […]

Words Are Not Just Words: Don't Use These Around My Children


Blogger at Late Enough buy oem software As a writer, I believe words are powerful. Words and phrases not only explain how we feel about the world but also how we feel about ourselves. When Kate wrote about how stupid the word stupid is (I’m paraphrasing), I realized that I would love to give out a list […]