Detective Science

Solve crimes with science! Transform the classroom into a crime lab and explore the fundamentals of forensics.  (Personal Profile Kit)

Introduction to Shakespeare Workshop

Introduction to Shakespeare Wednesdays, March 5 – April 9: 4pm to 6pm Brightlights Education Center at Richmond CenterStage Middle and High School Students Cost: $200 Explore the world of Shakespeare through scenes, monologues, and performances!  Students will gain a strong understanding of verse, prose, meter, staging, character analysis and audition techniques, with the opportunity to rehearse and […]

New Preschool Drama Class! Try it FREE!

VA Repertory

The Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn has some amazing things in store for your preschooler! A new class for preschool aged kids allows children to experience story books in a whole new way! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy some hot coffee in the lobby while  your preschooler takes a multisensory journey through a favorite work of […]

Story Drama for Preschoolers

Story Drama for Preschoolers Experience books in a whole new way! Classic stories come alive for preschoolers at The Children’s Theatre of Virginia at Willow Lawn. Each Monday during the 8 week session we will take a multisensory journey through a favorite work of children’s literature using age appropriate process-based creative drama. This one hour […]