Styles Group Fitness Network Solves Gym Fearing Women’s #1 Complaint

What is the #1 complaint of today’s health conscious women? According to Styles Group Fitness Network, it’s that no company today truly addresses how difficult it is for women to accomplish their fitness goals while maintaining their busy lifestyles. Until now. Styles Group Fitness Network, based in Richmond, Virginia, is not just a fitness boutique but also a community of women empowering one another to better their lives.
“In talking with women who are trying to lose weight, one thing that became very clear was that they were in need of motivation that would encourage them to stay focused on a long-term lifestyle changes,” said Whitney Martin. “Quite simply, I’ve had that problem myself, and that’s partly why I decided to start this business,” said Whitney Martin. “What we’re offering at our fitness boutique is a way to make it easy for women to do what they don’t have the time or expertise to do themselves.”
The equipment and overall environment of today’s typical gym intimidates many women. This leads to not only a lack of motivation but also a lack of focus towards reaching their fitness goals. With Styles Group Fitness Network, women will now be able to gain so much more than just a workout:

• Personal attention from real coaches who are dedicated to pushing you to your full potential with boot camp style fitness routines that are sure to make you realize your true strengths and abilities.

• A positive small group environment that is enforced by creativity and support from the group, which becomes your team and constant motivation to help reach your goal.

• Social network opportunities are extended to all members allowing them to meet women who share similar lifestyles and interests.

• Other services including an on-site nanny and a personal concierge service to help you keep up with your busy life while still remaining focused on your fitness routines.

Styles Group Fitness Network offers classes focusing on specific groups of women from brides to mothers, and everything in-between. No matter what group you fit in, you’re guaranteed an awesome workout that will make you sweat.

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  1. Nice to know. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oxygen and Iron off of Midlothian. It's also a women-owned business run by absolute experts. Linda and Rachel are not just pros at getting you to exercise corerctly, but they are phenomenal at motivating/pushing you to do your best. I'm excited to be working with them and looking forward to their six-week Body Challenge which starts January 31st.

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