Brand new rep opportunity nationwide created by Richmond women

Most Richmond moms have been invited or hosted a home-based party where they can have friends over and earn free products just by hosting.

But this one’s different:  K&K Designs was designed by two Richmond moms (also life-long friends) who had a little idea. . then grew it into a BIG, national idea that is going to rock the nation (in our humble opinion.) Their products are vinyl embellishments—think temporary, fancy adhesives—can be placed on a wall, a floor (think dance floor!) and even vinyl purses, glasses, you name it. They created the unique designs themselves and reps are joining up from all over the country. Katy & Kristin would love for you to join K&K Designs in Richmond! Fees to become a rep are as low as $99 and theopportunity is huge because the company just launched a few months ago.  Although there are great K&K rep opportunities all over Richmond, the need is especially high in:


Contact them today to be one of the very first reps at  for this Amazing Richmond job opportunity. If you have friends in other cities, they’re hiring nationwide, too!