K & K Designs is now officially open. . .and hiring!

K & K Designs Co-Owner Kristin Melton in front of her sassy wall applique. Yeah, it's that cute.

You may have seen the fabulous new in-home company launched right here in Richmond, VA by two Richmond moms who are quickly taking the home-show scene by storm: K & K Designs.

They’re official. In addition to the dozens of reps K & K is recruiting nationwide, now they’ve got their own space in the West End.

K & K has a new swanky office in Richmond's West End.

They’re starting to fill up their warehouse space with monogrammable party tubs, totes, and of course the equipment they use to design and create the amazing wall-adhesives they are known for.

K & K Designs has these magical boots. Oh yes, I'm getting these.

Says Kristin Melton: “We’ve gone from a bedroom, a whiteboard of dreams and creative ideas, to a business employing women all over the country. It’s like a dream come true!” She and Katy Cohen have built the business from design and concept now to brick-and-mortar, and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Want to learn about becoming a rep?

Yes, K & K has all this adorable swag. You either want to sell it as a rep, buy it, or both.

The swag at K & K is incredible–our fave is the adorable monogrammed rubber rain boots that are WAY too cute to get stuck in any mud puddle- which would clean up just fine if that was the case.

Just email ’em at info@k-kdesigns.com. But be forewarned, you will get sucked in… They are just *that fun to hang out with.*