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Instead of offering general theatre camps, we are the ONLY theatre in Richmond to offer a variety of choices in an effort to appeal to a wide range of students. All workshops are self contained each week and end with a performance for family and friends. To register, please call: 804-343-6364

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Summer Camps/Workshops 2011

Dates & Times

June 20—23: Bebop with Aesop 9-12 noon | Just For Laughs 1-4 pm

June 27—30: Theatre Connection 1-4 pm

July 11—14: Dance! Dance! Dance! 9-12 noon | Camp Broadway 1-4 pm

July 18—21: Disney Spectacular 9-12 noon  |  I Wanna Be A Star! 1-4 pm

July 25—28: Pop Idol! 1-4 pm

Aug. 1-4 The Performance Project 9-12 noon (WEEK 1)

Aug. 8-11 The Performance Project 9-12 noon (WEEK 2)

Workshop Descriptions

Do you think American Idol has all the talent? No way! Here is YOUR chance to rock out and be a star. Whether you like rock music, pop, country, OR Broadway style, this workshop will teach you how to entertain, develop stage presence, use a microphone, do cool moves onstage, what to wear to complete the package, and best of all, how to cut a real CD in a recording studio setting. At the end of the week you will leave with your own personal CD, complete with your vocals and full music. For extra added fun, we will even shoot a music video with wild costuming and special effects to watch on the last day! Come on…. Be a Rock Star! (very popular and spaces very limited. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one! Register early)

Aesop’s Fables set to music? Why of course! These are not only wonderful stories, but they are very easy to learn and understand. So, using some of these classics as our framework and adding in incredibly fun pop/rock style music, during this week we will create short plays with music that will have you “Looking Before You Leap” and remembering “Slow and Steady” usually wins the day, but in this case you want to sign up fast so you won’t miss out on this great week . And because “Honesty is the Best Policy”, you know when we tell you this workshop will be loads of fun, we mean it!

Think you are funny? Always cracking up your parents, irritating your teachers, and being the life of the party with your friends? Then this is the place for you! Focusing on comedic improv. games similar to the popular T.V show, “Whose Line is it Anyway”, you will learn how to create characters with voice and movement, how to listen onstage and work cohesively towards a common goal. Participants will also learn how to find the humor in short skits and sketches, why timing is so important, and how to work with slapstick, puns, and classic clowning skits. Costuming tips and maximizing props will round out the week that will end with a hilarious, comedy filled show for an invited audience of family and friends.

I WANNA BE A STAR! ages 8-15
Ahhhh Hollywood. Nothing quite like L.A. is there? The movie stars, award shows, walking the red carpet, smiling for the cameras, being on the cover of magazines. . So this week YOU get to be a Hollywood celebrity. Sit with your manager looking over the scripts you have just been offered for your new film role. Choose which one you like the best, rehearse and film your starring role, be interviewed on television talk shows, go on a press tour, sit for a photo shoot and appear on the cover of an entertainment magazine, meet with your personal assistant to choose designer clothes and more. At the end of the week watch your movie premiere or talk show appearance with an invited audience of adoring fans and leave with your own headshot.

Bright Lights! Big City! New York is certainly exciting with shows galore. So what are we going to do? We are bringing New York City to Richmond! With scripts and music from some of Broadway’s most popular offerings, past and present, like Wicked, Godspell, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Les Miserables, Cats, Mary Poppins, Annie, The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, , Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Fame, Footloose, Grease, and more! During this week we will put together a Broadway style revue (based on YOUR choices) complete with the big three; Acting! Singing! Dancing! Costuming, hair and makeup will complete the package and then be ready to perform the last day “On Broadway!” for an invited audience of family and friends. Always exciting…..Always different…..Always fun!

DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! ages 9 to 16
Maybe you take dance classes or maybe you just dance around your room like a crazy fool when your favorite song is played. Whichever one you do though, you have to admit, dancing is pure FUN. In this workshop, you will get to do all sorts of things! One will be learning the authentic Tony Award Nominated choreography from a few of Broadway’s finest musicals. Then, after mastering that, YOU get to be the choreographers and will choose some of your favorite songs (current music or Broadway) to create choreography for. Add in cool lighting and costume pieces and on the last day, perform your dances for an invited audience of family and friends. No experience needed, no singing either. Because we are going to Just Dance! Dance! Dance!

Enter the magical kingdom where elephants fly, chimney sweeps dance, and every wish comes true. During this week we will explore all things
Disney while children join together music, movement, drama, and art from famous stories and movies that always seem to bring everyone together, young and old alike. On the last day we will have a grand show to share with an invited audience of friends and family. Welcome to the happiest show on earth!

Workshops will change every day! Choose 1, choose 3, or choose the whole week, it’s up to you! $45 for each day or $170 for the whole

DAY 1: Being an Actor Have fun with scripts from classic and modern theatre, comedies, drama, television and popular movies.
Work with costumes, props, accents, settings and more. If you plan to ever audition for anything, we will even make sure you leave
with a monologue you can memorize and use for auditions. This is great for those who enjoy just acting versus musical theatre.
No memorization required!

DAY 2: Being a part of the Crew. Are you artistic? Prefer being behind the scenes versus being onstage? Or maybe you enjoy both?
During this day you will learn about painting flats, how to spike the stage and set the stage, set decoration, and creating or buying props
(a trip to the thrift store a few doors down will be our field trip!), Using scripts as guides you will have the opportunity to decide how to
make the environment “real”, and for the ones who DO enjoy being onstage, with scripts in hand you will perform in the environment you
help create.

DAY 3: Costume Designing. So do you need a cape or a beautiful princess dress? What would a cop wear? Depends on the time
period! Or how about the English Butler? A Ninja? No problem! This day will focus on how to create costuming for characters in short
scenes using a variety of clothing, hats, jewelry, etc. in order to help the characters come alive. If you have an eye for color and design,
this day will allow you to run wild with your imagination and creative spirit.

DAY 4: Broadway Flair: How To Make Them Choose YOU!
Okay so you like to sing. We get that. BUT if you are auditioning, whether for a school musical, church musical, a professional or
community theatre production, or even for American Idol, it is not enough just having a good voice. You need to SELL the song. We
need to see you relate to what the song is actually saying, not just stand there with a blank look on your face and shuffling feet.
So for this day you will come with a song of your choosing, either from your ipod, CD collection or from your favorite Broadway show
(we also have a large collection you can choose from). Then we will look at the lyrics line by line and figure out what is going on in the
song (interpretation) and discover why the character is singing those words. By the end of the day you will have learned how to connect
to the audience and make any director want to cast you in their show. (if bringing your own song, bring the music plus a copy of the
lyrics with you).

Love being in shows at school? Or maybe you don’t have time to do one during the school year. Whichever it is, during these two weeks
you will be putting together a show to be performed in essentially 24 hours. Yes, you read that right! 24 hours. A little crazy, but a lot of
fun. You will audition for roles, go through the casting process, learn lines, and music, block scenes, work with costuming, props, sets,
create advertising and programs for the show, and on the last day be ready to wow your audience with an exciting Richmond Premiere.
Oh, and did we forget to mention…YOU get to choose the show! On the first day, three scripts with music will be presented to the group
and you get to decide which one you like the best!

To register, please call: 804-343-6364