Rick cannot walk or talk but he can run

Dick Hoyt and his son Rick are devoted.

As parents and grandparents, we often feel that our lives are busier and more difficult than most. Many moms are working both inside and outside the home. Lots of grandparents are raising grandchildren or playing a vital role in caregiving. Parents and grandparents have very busy lives.

There are carpools to manage, homework to oversee, soccer and basketball games to attend, meals to prepare, clothes to wash, baths to give, emails to send, tweets to read, and work to be done.

It often feels like an endless day of activity by the time bedtime arrives. And we’re often exhausted.

Dick and Rick Hoyt probably dreamed of having these days at one time. But not anymore.


Because they have found peace and tranquility in one of the most difficult, challenging, and physically demanding activities you can imagine. They have created a life filled with activity, challenge and emotion that they one day thought was impossible.

The impossible is possible

Due to tragic circumstances, Rick was born without the ability to walk or talk. His parents were determined he would be as “normal” as possible and they fought to have him attend public school. When he was 15 years old, Rick decided he wanted to “run a 5k”. At first this seemed impossible — but the love of a father that is beyond comprehension made it happen.

And it happened again and again and again!

A father’s devotion

Dick carefully and securely places his grown son in a wheelchair as he uses every muscle in his being to push his son through a 5k. But he does more. They continue to participate in marathons and races of all kinds. They have trekked almost 4,000 miles across America with Dick doing the physical work, and Rick doing the mental work that spurs them both to victory.

It’s a dream come true for Rick — and his father would have it no other way. He has the ability and the privilege of creating a life for his son that might have been beyond his reach.

But the love of a father made it happen!

See for yourself

You have to watch this inspiring video of this father-son team who has turned a dream into reality. It’s the heart-wrenching story of how much a parent’s love can conquer anything when it comes to their children. It’s about a father’s determination and a son’s dream that create one of the most valuable lessons we can learn in life — anything is possible!

And it’s a reminder that every day is a blessing. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday concerns of being a parent or grandparent. But when you stop to put things in perspective, it’s a wonderful life for most of us.

Go the extra mile and reach for more out of life  — Dick and Rick Hoyt do it every day.

Watch the video here.